LG G4 OLED TV: Release Date, Rumors & News

LG’s OLED TV range has always managed to garner a significant amount of attention, thanks to its groundbreaking technology, stunning design, and premium picture quality. Each new generation seems to push the boundaries of what we thought TVs could do.

But today, we’re shifting focus to something even more thrilling – the awaited LG G4 OLED TV.

While specifics are still under wraps, we can confidently predict that the LG G4 will be a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics.

lg g4 oled tv

LG G4 OLED TV Release Date: Inferences from Previous Models

The tech world eagerly awaits the arrival of LG’s next model in its OLED TV series, the LG G4 OLED TV. While the exact release date is currently unknown, we can make some educated predictions by looking at the release patterns of the previous models.

  • LG G2 OLED TV – April 2022
  • LG G3 OLED TV – March 2023

We can see that there is approximately a one-year gap between these two models. If LG maintains this pattern, it is plausible to anticipate that the LG G4 OLED TV could be released around the first quarter of 2024, potentially in March or April.

Anticipated Price of LG G4 OLED TV

When it comes to the unveiling of a new TV model, one question consistently pops up – what’s the price tag going to look like? To shed some light on that for the much-awaited LG G4 OLED TV, we’re going to analyze previous models’ pricing trends.

Examining the pricing history of LG’s G series, we see a noticeable upward trend. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

For the 55-inch model:

  • The LG G2 TV debuted at $2,199 USD.
  • The following model, the LG G3 TV, increased to $2,499 USD.

Now, looking at the 65-inch model:

  • The LG G2 TV was listed at $2,999 USD.
  • The LG G3 TV saw an uptick to $3,299 USD.

Armed with this data, we can make educated guesses about the LG G4 OLED TV’s pricing.

If we assume a similar rate of increase, we can expect a rise of approximately 10-15%. Using this estimation, we get:

  • The 55-inch LG G4 OLED TV could be priced between $2,748 – $2,873 USD
  • The 65-inch LG G4 OLED TV could be priced between $3,628 – $3,793 USD
Please note that these are just projections based on the pricing pattern of previous models. The actual price may vary depending on other factors such as market trends, the cost of components, the state of the economy, and more.

What Do We Want to See in LG G4 OLED TV?

  1. The new α9 AI Gen7 Processor: Building upon LG’s history of integrating cutting-edge processors in their TVs, the LG G4 OLED TV is expected to feature the latest α9 AI Gen7 Processor. This promises a leap in performance, delivering enhanced picture quality, and smarter, more efficient processing.
  1. Built-in 5.1 TV Sound System: Another eagerly awaited feature is the built-in 5.1 TV sound system. This should offer a more immersive audio experience, creating a true home theater environment with a surround sound effect. The inclusion of this feature shows LG’s commitment to providing an all-encompassing entertainment experience.
  1. Table Stand Included: Despite the omission of a table stand in the package for the LG G3 OLED TV, customers are optimistic about LG’s user-centric approach. Therefore, it is expected that LG might rectify this in the forthcoming LG G4 OLED TV model.

LG G4 TV Sizes

LG’s OLED TV series has always offered a variety of screen sizes to cater to different user needs and preferences. The upcoming LG G4 OLED TV continues this tradition, with multiple size options anticipated. Here are the expected sizes:

  1. 55-inch Model (OLED55G4): This would be the most compact option in the G4 series. A 55-inch screen is ideal for viewers seeking a high-quality, immersive experience in a moderately sized room.
  2. 65-inch Model (OLED65G4): A 65-inch screen offers a more immersive viewing experience. It’s an excellent option for viewers with a larger viewing area or those wanting a more cinematic experience at home.
  3. 77-inch Model (OLED77G4): This large-screen TV is perfect for dedicated home theater rooms or larger living spaces. The 77-inch model promises to deliver a truly cinematic experience.
  4. 83-inch Model (OLED83G4): The largest option expected in the G4 series, the 83-inch model, takes home viewing to another level. This screen size is best suited for spacious rooms where the TV can serve as the centerpiece of a premium home entertainment system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the rumored features of the LG G4 OLED TV?
While specifics are still under wraps, rumors suggest enhanced brightness, contrast, and an AI-driven processor.
2. How does LG typically announce their new product releases?
LG usually announces new products through press releases and at major technology conferences.
3. Does LG always follow a consistent release pattern for its G series OLED TVs?
While there's a trend in the past releases, LG's release dates can depend on several factors, including product development timelines and market conditions.
4. What factors influence the pricing of LG's G series TVs?
Pricing can depend on various factors, such as the technology and features of the TV, production costs, and prevailing market conditions.

Final Thoughts

Innovation, quality, and exceptional user experience have always been the cornerstone of LG’s TV technology. As we wait for the arrival of the LG G4 OLED TV, these qualities are once again on display, promising a significant leap in home entertainment.

Drawing on the release patterns of its predecessors, the LG G4 OLED TV is expected to launch in March or April 2024. The series will offer a diverse selection of sizes, including the 55, 65, 77, and 83-inch models, to cater to various user needs and viewing environments.

The new α9 AI Gen7 Processor, built-in 5.1 TV sound system, and the inclusion of a table stand are just a few of the anticipated features that make the LG G4 OLED TV worth the wait. These features highlight LG’s consistent focus on improving picture and sound quality, as well as enhancing user convenience.

The starting price at the beginning of sales is projected to be around $2,748. While this may seem like a hefty investment, the blend of innovative technology, superb picture and sound quality, and user-focused features promises to provide value for every dollar spent.

All in all, the LG G4 OLED TV is shaping up to be more than just a new TV model—it represents the future of home entertainment. As always, we advise keeping an eye on official announcements from LG for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Until the curtain lifts and the LG G4 OLED TV makes its grand entrance, our anticipation continues to build. Here’s to the future of television viewing!


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