Will a 55-inch TV Fit in My Car? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you excited about your new 55-inch TV but worried about whether this 55-inch TV will fit in your car for transport? Wondering if a TV will fit in a Toyota Camry or a smaller SUV? Or perhaps you’re unsure if you’ll be able to fit a 55-inch TV in your car or SUV? This comprehensive guide will answer these queries and help ensure the safe transport of your flat-screen TV.

will a 55 inch tv fit in my car

Understanding TV Dimensions

Before we delve into the question of “Will a 55 inch TV fit in my car?” it’s crucial to understand the dimensions of the TV. Keep in mind that the size TV isn’t determined by its width or height, but rather the diagonal measurement from one corner to the other. Generally, a 55-inch TV has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 48.4 inch (123 cm)
  • Height: 27.2 inch (69 cm)
  • Thickness: 2.4 inch (6 cm)

However, these dimensions may vary based on the model and the size of the bezel. It’s also important to consider the dimensions of the TV box, which will be larger and could affect how the TV will fit in your car.

In my article, you can learn the actual dimensions of a 55-inch TV in inches, cm, mm, and feet, and you will learn important additional information about the size of this TV.

What Are the 55 inch TV Box Dimensions?

When purchasing a new TV, it often comes in a protective box, which is a bit larger than the TV itself to provide room for padding and other protective materials.

A 55-inch TV box typically has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 54 inches (137 cm)
  • Height: 34 inches (86 cm)
  • Depth: 7 inches (18 cm)

Again, these dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and model of the TV. It’s important to consider these box dimensions when trying to fit a 55-inch TV in your car, as the box adds extra size that needs to be accommodated.

So, when you’re asking, “Will a 55-inch TV fit in my car?” remember to take into account the size of the TV in its box. It’s crucial to leave some extra space to ensure your new TV isn’t squeezed too tightly, which could lead to screen damage. Always measure carefully and plan ahead to ensure safe transportation of your TV.

The Need for Space

When you’re trying to figure out if a 55-inch TV will fit in your car, remember that it’s not just about being able to fit the TV in. The TV needs to be transported safely, which means keeping the TV flat or laying the TV flat, and providing padding. Using foam pieces around the TV first or wrapping the TV in the stretch wrap can protect it from scratches or screen damage caused by the vibrations from a moving car.

Can a 55-inch TV Fit in My Car?

Now, let’s consider the key question: “Can a 55-inch TV fit in my car?” The answer largely depends on the type and size of your vehicle.

Can a 55-inch TV Fit in My Car


While most sedans are not built to transport large items, some bigger models might just do the trick. Here are a few examples:

  • Toyota Camry: Toyota Camry owners have discussed being able to fit a 55-inch TV in their vehicles due to its spacious trunk and fold-down rear seats. So, the answer to “Will a TV fit in a Toyota Camry?” is generally yes.
  • Honda Accord: Like the Camry, the Accord has ample trunk space and foldable rear seats, making it possible to fit a 55-inch TV.

sedans 55 inch tv


As for SUV drivers, a 55-inch TV fit in an SUV should be quite doable. In fact, even a 65-inch TV will fit in a full-size SUV. So, for those wondering “Can a 65-inch TV fit in my car?”, if you have a full-size SUV, the answer is likely yes. However, fitting a TV larger than 55 inches may require some additional precautions.

  • Chevrolet Suburban: With an impressive cargo space, this vehicle should have no trouble accommodating a 55-inch TV.
  • Ford Expedition: Similar to the Suburban, the Expedition provides a significant amount of space, easily fitting a 55-inch TV.

suvs 55 inch tv


Vans are another vehicle type well-suited for transporting a 55-inch flat-screen television. A 55-inch TV could fit easily across the back seat without a problem, laid flat to avoid any screen damage.

For instance:

  • Honda Odyssey: This minivan has vast interior space and foldable seats, making it ideal for transporting large items like a 55-inch TV.
  • Toyota Sienna: The Sienna is another minivan that has plenty of room for a 55-inch TV.

vans 55 inch tv

Here’s a summary table for quick reference:

Vehicle Model

Can it Fit a 55 inch TV?

Toyota Camry


Honda Accord


Chevrolet Suburban


Ford Expedition


Honda Odyssey


Toyota Sienna


Toyota Corolla


Honda Civic


Ford Focus


Chevrolet Malibu


Nissan Sentra


Hyundai Elantra


Please note that these are general guidelines. The exact dimensions of your TV and car, as well as the arrangement of seats and other items in the vehicle, could affect whether the TV fits. Always measure carefully and plan ahead to ensure safe transportation of your TV.

Transporting a TV

It’s essential to transport your TV properly to avoid damage. Here are some tips:

Transporting a 55 inch TV

1Keep the TV Flat: Transport your TV laying flat, not upright. Transporting a TV upright in your car could lead to screen damage.
2Secure it: Ensure your TV is secure and does not move around during transport. You don’t want it to fall and break the screen due to sudden movements or stops.
3Pad it: Protect the screen by wrapping it in bubble wrap and moving blankets. If you’re using bubble wrap and plastic film, don’t put anything on the TV screen directly to avoid scratches.

What if My Car Can’t Fit a 55-inch TV?

If your car can’t accommodate a 55-inch TV, don’t worry. You could consider delivery services or rent a larger vehicle like a moving truck. If you’re frequently transporting larger TVs, a portable TV could also be an option. Portable TVs have come a long way in recent years, offering excellent picture quality and sizes up to 120 inches.

If you’re unable to transport a TV larger than 55 inches in your car, consider asking a friend with a larger vehicle for assistance. Alternatively, hiring a professional moving service can ensure your new TV arrives safely at its destination.

Transport Services for TVs in America

If your car can’t accommodate a 55-inch TV, or you’d prefer not to transport it yourself, there are several delivery and shipping services available in the United States that can handle this task for you. Here’s a quick comparison of some popular services:


Price Range (55-inch TV)

Insurance Included

Estimated Delivery Time


$50 - $100

Yes, up to $100

1 - 5 business days


$60 - $120

Yes, up to $100

1 - 5 business days


$100 - $200

Yes, up to $500

1 - 6 business days


$60 - $140

Yes, up to $100

Same day to 2 days

Please note that prices vary depending on various factors like distance, weight, and dimensions. Some services may offer additional insurance coverage for an extra fee.

These companies specialize in shipping and delivery, ensuring your TV will be transported safely and securely. Just remember to specify that you are shipping a TV when arranging the service, as this may influence how the company packs and transports the item.

When using a shipping service, it’s also recommended to keep the TV in its original box with the foam pieces around the TV first for added protection. Alternatively, you can pack the TV in stretch wrap, bubble wrap, and moving blankets to protect it from any potential damage.


Can a 55-inch TV fit in a Toyota Camry?
Yes, many Toyota Camry owners have been able to fit a 55-inch TV in their car, thanks to the spacious trunk and fold-down rear seats.
Is it safe to transport a TV upright in your car?
No, it's best to lay the TV flat to prevent screen damage.
Can a 65-inch TV fit in an SUV?
Yes, a 65-inch TV will fit in a full-size SUV. However, it's best to measure your vehicle's interior dimensions to be sure.
How can I protect my TV during transport?
Using bubble wrap and moving blankets can help protect your TV during transport. If possible, transport the TV in its original box or a moving blanket for added protection.

Remember, safely transporting your new 55-inch TV or 65-inch TV is crucial to ensure it's ready for many hours of viewing pleasure. The effort you put into ensuring safe transportation will be worth the enjoyment you'll get from your new TV.


Whether a 55-inch TV will fit in your car or not depends largely on the vehicle you own. While some cars may be able to fit a 55-inch TV, SUVs and vans are typically a safer bet due to their larger size. Remember, transporting a flat-screen TV is not just about size but also about how you position and secure the TV in your vehicle.

If you’re unable to transport the TV yourself, don’t let that discourage you from buying the TV you want. There are numerous services available to help transport larger items safely. So, go ahead and buy that 55-inch TV or even a 65-inch TV if you prefer. After all, the most important thing is that you enjoy your new TV.


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