How to Pack a TV for Moving: 5 Simple Steps

It is not easy packing TV when comes shifting. Nonetheless, an effective method and proper materials applied professionally can make the process fast and secure. In this article I described the procedures how to pack a TV for moving which I use myself to ensure its safe arrival to the target point.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

In general, you’ll need a few necessary things which consist of:

  • TV cover
  • some additional protection stuff
  • packing set

Secondly, you have to evaluate the size of your TV and find the right box for it. Get some of these boxes from a nearby moving agency selling them at approximately twenty five dollars each or just a sturdy cardboard box in case you don’t want more expenses.

Once you have the right box, you can start packing your TV. The key is to protect it from any potential damage during transit. If there is no box, keep reading, I’ll tell you about the alternatives. Follow these steps to pack your TV safely and securely, so you can enjoy it in your new home without any issues.

Step One: Unplug Any Cords and Accessories

Firstly, I recommend you unplug all the wires and accessories attached to the TV before packing it. The cords will then be neatly gathered towards one end so that they will not get messed up during the packing process.

Unplug Any Cords

For convenience purpose, create one compartment for all cables and remotes. Many individuals usually lose one cord, making its subsequent search stressful.

Make sure you also switch off any video game consoles and other accessories that are usually connected to your TV. Label each cable and component with the location it should be placed when setting up your TV next time.

Step Two: Wrap the TV Screen

As you will now be ready with your plugged out TV set into packaging you can start wrapping the screen. Indeed, this is a very important step for the protection of your TV during the moving process. Thus, it will assist you to get a good quality of the TV screen to ensure that it is scratch-free.

Wrap the TV Screen

You can wrap the TV screen with different materials, including bubble wraps, foam wraps, moving blankets, etc. Bubble wrap, for instance, has proven effective in protecting against impact and scratches. To consider bubble wrap will face the inwards part of your television screen.

I recommend beginning with wrapping the entire television screen.

Ensure that the wrap is proper and right. Avoid exerting excessive force on the touchscreen. Covering on the screen and use of packing tape to hold wrappers in place.

For instance, if you are applying foam wrap then make sure it is at least one inch in thickness when applied. Enclose the foam and attach it to the TV using packing tape.

Ensure that moving blankets are not covered with dust or debris and are clean. Wrap the TV screen using moving blankets, and make sure you put some packing tape on it so that it does not fall.

However, it should be noted that the primary objective is keeping your television safe against dents, dust, and scratch as well. Ensure the TV screen is covered up well and the wrap is tight before proceeding to the next stage. With the above highlighted, you can package your TV and be very sure that it will get to your new house intact.

Step Three: Find a Suitable Moving Box

Finding the right box when packing a TV for a move is very important. You must ensure that the box is neither so small as to damage your large TV nor so big as to give little support. If your TV without box, here are some tips for finding the right packing.

Alternative Packing Methods

Alternatively, if you do not have an appropriate TV box available, there are other package options. For example, one can opt for a tall and stable wardrobe box that can fit flat screen television with case. Other forms you can exploit are large plastic bins that are resistant to water and damage.

Find a Suitable Moving Box

Prepare the TV Box

When you have identified a suitable box, you should prepare it carefully so that you can place the television in it. Ensure that the box is neat with no junk or dirt. Also, you may consider applying a layer of bubble wrap or packing paper inside for additional protection.

Use the Original Shipping TV Box

In an ideal scenario, you should put all your television equipment in the original shipping box. Designed for perfect fitting of your TV, this box is built as most durable case against possible damage during transport. In case you lack the original box or not aware of where to get it just reach your manufacture to know whether the manufacture offer replacement box.

Seal the Box for Your TV

You should seal all your TV in tight packing tape once you’ve placed the television inside the carton. Doing so will keep the box closed throughout transportation, thereby protecting your TV against any dust and dirt.

Implementing these steps will help keep your TV intact by the time it reaches its destination. Pack your TV with caution and avoid being in a hurry while doing so. Fortunately, with some extra care and caution, you can ensure that all your costly electric items remain safe during the transfer.

Additional TV Packing Tips

It is crucial to employ appropriate packing materials for TV. Ensure that your have box which is perfect in its length and breadth for your Television, also pack it with a lot of protective material in transportation.

Here are some of my recommendations to follow when packing your TV:

  1. Dust off the TV using a soft, dry microfiber cloth.
  2. Bubble wraps/foam should be used to cover the screen to safeguard it from scrapes and other injuries.
  3. Using additional packaging material and placing the TV in a box of equivalent size will help further provide padding.
  4. Put in a pack of packing tape “Fragile” so your mover knows how to carry it over and treat it delicately.

Step Four: Lock the TV Inside the Moving Truck

After packing the TV in a safe and secure manner, we move on to placing it into a moving vehicle. Here are some tips on packing and moving your TV.

Lock the TV inside the moving truck

My TV Moving Tips

Should I lay a TV horizontally or vertically? Carry your flat screen vertically rather than laid down. When shifting a TV, ensure the manufacturer’s manual guidelines are observed.

  • Corner protectors: You can also use the corner protectors to protect the corners of your TV. To this end, you should use bubble wraps or foams padding in covering corners of a TV.
  • Secure your TV: Be sure that your television is well secured in the moving truck. For instance you could tie the TV with straps or bungee cords to ensure that it does not fall off the wall. In this case if you are carrying your TV with its vertical axis ensure that there is something that keeps its from falling over.

Making More Room in the House

This means that it might be necessary to give extra room to your TV when you are shifting to a new home. To make more space in your home, consider following these tips.

  • Wall mount your TV: By wall-mounting your TV you can free up valuable floor and table spaces. It is possible to hang your TV in a living room, a bedroom, or any part of the house.
  • Get a TV stand: You can also purchase a TV stand if you do not wish to have it mounted on the walls. Using a TV stand to elevate the TV prevents it from falling, as well as helps in reducing clutter at home.
  • Declutter your home: Creating extra living space in your home will provide ample space for your television. Ensure that you dispose any unneeded things and clear some space in your home.

Following my TV moving tips will ensure that the TV is secure during transport and that there will be adequate room for it at your house.

Step Five: Unpack the TV With Care

By now you have succeeded in taking the TV to its new position. What remains is for you to handle everything most carefully as you unpack. On how you should unpacked your flat-screen TV here are a few guidelines for you.

Safely Unpacking a Flat-Screen TV

1Ensure you unpack your TV in a neat and dirt free location. The dust and some of the debris may result in scratches on the TV display screen. Debris, in particular, has the ability to enter the interior parts of a television set, hence affecting its functionality.
2Then, handle the TV with care and take it out of its box and the packing materials. Store in the original box and packing material to reduce packaging cost for future moves.
3Check the TV once out of the box to ensure it has not broken in transit. Contact the manufacturer or repair service as soon as possible if you discover any cracks or other types of damages.
4Now, it is the final step to have your home entertainment set up. However, if you managed to save your cables and accessories, you are prepared to put everything into connection again. Ensure that you pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines on installation of a TV and the others.

set up

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I safely carry my television to another place?
A screen protector is the best way to guard the screen of a TV when one is moving with it. Should it not be possible to locate a protector for the screen, place a large piece of cardboard or a huge bubble package atop the display. Ensure that the screen is totally wrapped up and seal it using tape.
What sort of movable equipment is dependable to use with large television sets?
Several quality TV moving kits can be bought from the stores. A popular one is commonly referred to as the TV moving box kit and it contains foam pads for cushioning the TV while transporting or moving. Alternatively, you may cover the TV in a TV moving blanket, after which you should seal using tape.
What are the safety measures when moving a TV in a car?
In the process of moving a TV in a car, you should ensure that you safely strap it down firmly to avoid unnecessary movement. Slide the TV in the backseat of the car, make sure it is fastened with seat belt! In case of a large television that does not fit into the backseat, place it in the trunk and fasten it using the bungee cord or cordage.
Can one safely transport a Flat-screen TV laying down?
One can transport a flat screen TV in a safe way if it lies with its screen facing up in an upright position and fastened securely to prevent movement due to vibration during transportation. Ensure you use bubble wrap or foam as your wrapping material, and put the TV inside a cardboard box for protection.
In what way can I safely move a television set if the original crate is not available?
In case if you do not have the original packaging of your TV, it is best that you use TV moving kit or buy the sizeable box of your TV. Ensure the box is strong enough and big enough to accommodate the item and protective materials. Encircle the TV with bubble wrap/foam and put into a box. Stuff any space left in the box with stuffing peanuts or crushed paper to ensure the television does not move from place to place.
How is it possible to pack a TV safely and not cause scratches?
For instance, when packing a TV safely such that it does not scratch, one needs bubble wraps or foams for wrapping the TV, packeting peanut or crumbled papers to fill up spaces in the container, as well as tapes, to secure both the TV and the box Also, you may put up a cardboard or a cover over the screen so that it does not get scratched. Ensure all materials are of good quality ideal for packaging fragile goods.

Conclusion: How To Secure The TV When Relocating

Protecting your TV when you pack it for a move is number one in the list of priorities. It is possible to take certain precautionary measures so as to keep secure your television set, when transporting it.

You may start by buying a TV cover. Having a protective TV cover will prevent scratches and dust when you move your TV. Ensure that you pick a cover which suits your TV perfectly, and it is resilient.

In this case, ensure that you have packed your TV well using as much padding as possible. You can cushion your TV by using bubble wrap and packaging papers to prevent impact or vibration shock. Protect the TV screen from scratches by covering it with a thin layer of bubble wrap or packing paper.

Make sure you handle your television with care when you move it around. It is important not to drop the TV and to use two people for carrying to share the load balance. Make sure that it is tightly secured if using moving dolly otherwise it may get fall off or shift during transport.

Finally, I advise you to consider hiring professional movers to pack and transport your TV, ensuring its safety and security.

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